Our Story

The namesake of Sweet Peace Farm Sanctuary comes from a little dog named Sweetpea. Sweetpea's story is not unlike those of the other animals who reside at the sanctuary. A horrible past and an incredible recovery has made Sweetpea into a teacher of perseverance and fortitude to everyone she meets. Within every battered or mistreated animal, within everyone who has faced hardship – human or non-human – there lies a chance to overcome. Sometimes, all it takes is love.

The sanctuary resides on six acres of land, which is the perfect size to change the lives of a couple flocks of waterfowl and a handful of grazing animals. Beyond the physical limitations of land, the virtual world is endless. We hope to use our voices to amplify those that have been silenced, and change the world for all animals on an individual and cultural scale. 

General information

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit classed as a private foundation. All residents of our sanctuary were directly rescued from abandonment, voluntarily surrendered by private entities, or transferred to us from other nonprofit sanctuaries. We do not buy, breed, or sell animals for any purpose. 

Our labor of love for the animals is 100% volunteer work, and all donations go directly to the rehabilitation and wellbeing of our residents. Our EIN number is 87-1864697.

Please help us fulfill our mission by leaving animal products off your plate, and donating to help us care for the individuals who we have been so lucky to call our residents.

Meet the Board


Sarah is the founder of the sanctuary, and contributes most of the animal care duties and bookkeeping. She also writes social media posts and manages the website. Sarah holds a Master's degree in Humane Leadership and is currently a doctoral student at Antioch University. She has been volunteering, studying, and working with animals for over 10 years.

Sarah believes strongly in the inherent worth and individuality of animals. As a liberationist, she believes in a just food system that prioritizes ethics, the environment, and sustainability. Sarah hopes that one day, through the power of the goodness in humanity, we will reach a future where human and non-human animals can coexist peacefully.


Kyle is the right-hand man of the sanctuary and contributes his strength and lifting abilities when needed. Kyle handles the duties that require raw manpower, and is crucial during animal handling tasks such as hoof trimming and the capture and rescue of abandoned ducks. 

Kyle thinks sanctuaries are an important aspect of contributing to a kinder future. He connects strongly with the sheep residents, and loves that they are fluffy, sweet, and mild-mannered. He is also highly motivated by helping his partner Sarah! Kyle believes that a just future is one where animals are no longer exploited and discarded, and sanctuaries receive the credit they deserve for providing justice for animals.


Amy is a vital supporter of the sanctuary, and it could not function without her! Amy is a vegan activist that runs Thunder Hill Meadows, a recently converted dairy farm that now grows plant-based crops, and plans to accommodate a vegan market and incoming animal sanctuary. Amy started activism soon into her plant-based journey, and runs the educational Facebook page Planet Truth.

Amy grew up loving animals, and her favorite animals to bond with are dogs and cats, especially her rescue dog Barlee. She believes in a future where animals are not seen as food and there is a widespread, peaceful alternative to an animal-based food system.


 Audrey is a mentor to the sanctuary, and runs her own nonprofit called Good Sprout Rescue and Sanctuary. Audrey leads duck rescue missions and other activism campaigns on behalf of animals in need. Audrey has been a key player in the inception of the sanctuary since day one, and uses her decade of rescue experience to guide our activities.

Audrey has a special connection with ducks and other birds such as hens, roosters, quails, and peacocks. She believes that raising the standard of care for birds is vitally needed within the sanctuary world and without. As an activist and fellow sanctuary operator, Audrey fights daily for the liberation of all animals and their freedom from exploitation. 


Sweetpea is a snuggly, people-loving dog and believes in the power of healing through love. She is very excited by large friends such as Spud the cow and any sheep or pig who will pause to greet her through the fence. She is highly motivated by watching over the land and observing the flow of nature.

Sweetpea's powerful and inspirational bond with Sarah was the reason for the sanctuary's beginning. Originating from a kill shelter in the overpopulated south, she was once destined for death herself, like many of the residents here. But fate had other plans, and Sweetpea was given the opportunity to heal herself and others. Now, she loves to experience life - especially when peanut butter or bananas are involved. 


Sweet Peace Farm Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal sanctuary. All donations are tax-deductible. 

EIN: 87-1864697 | hello@sweetpeacesanctuary.org

© 2023 Sweet Peace Farm Sanctuary, Inc. All rights reserved. 

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