Meet the Geese and Ganders

Jelly & Boba

Jelly is a grey Buff-mixed gander, and Boba is his brown Chinese goose wife! They are a dynamic duo that were surrendered as hatchlings when their original caretakers found that geese are prohibited within their city's limits. These two faced the threat of being seized by police, at which point they would likely be euthanized or find themselves an uncompassionate person's meal. Luckily, they have found sanctuary here at Sweet Peace, where they can enjoy decades of loving residency.

Remarkably friendly, a twist of fate allowed these lucky geese to have always known dutiful care and kindness from humans. Jelly and Boba are now young adults and love munching on salad and swimming in their pool. In fact, they often do both at the same time. Jelly is the top male goose, called a gander, and reigns over the other two males in the flock. Boba is the only other female he's known since birth, and they are inseparable partners and best friends. Boba has a loud, low honk and a friendly, curious personality. Their loud voices can be heard echoing throughout the premesis!

Stormi & Dewdrop

Stormi is a brown Toulouse gander that was raised by a very loving family. They rescued him from a farm where the rest of his family had been preyed upon, and all that remained was this tiny gosling. His new parents gave him a loving home until it became clear he needed goose friends. After some time passed and he was no longer a fuzzy little fluffball, he started showing some natural goose behaviors towards the ducks he was raised with. This unfortunately put them in a dangerous position. His family did the best thing for him and sought help from sanctuaries, eventually connecting with us. 

Dewdrop is a white Embden/Sebastopol gander and the brother of Sunny, who you can read about below! They were rescued by the sanctuary from a farm where Dewdrop was being used as an educational tool for children. As a gosling, he was forced to be handled often by rough children, so he was absolutely exhausted by the time he made it here. The rest of his goslinghood was being Sunny's little shadow until they were introduced to the rest of the goose flock. 

Originally, we planned on having Stormi pair up with Dewdrop's big sister Sunny. Sunny is a beautiful Sebastopol goose who would catch the eye of any gander. However, ducks and geese often do not pair up with the opposite sex. Stormi and Dewdrop fell in love and quickly chose each other as husbands. Together, they are extremely loud, and quite protective of one another. They never leave each other's side, and enjoy swimming, kissing, and screaming together in harmony.

Sunny & Rainn

Sunny the white Sebastopol goose arrived to the sanctuary with her little brother Dewdrop, mentioned above. They were rescued from traumatic origins, as Sunny was used in parades and other events led by a church. Being used for entertainment, it's understandable that Sunny never really warmed up to humans. She is quite shy and avoidant of people. She was originally supposed to pair up with Stormi and remain close with her brother, but fate had other intentions! Both Stormi and Dewdrop decided to pair off together. Though Sunny was always a valued member of the flock, she really needed a friend to make the Sweet Peace flock an even number and provide her with bonded companionship.

Enter Rainn, a brown Toulouse goose who was also left behind in her situation. Rainn used to be one of hundreds of geese abandoned in a massive neglect case that was addressed in the winter of 2022. As all of her siblings and family were recovered and given medical care by sanctuaries working the case, Rainn chose to evade her rescuers for months. Rainn was shockingly born with the ability to fly! Since the farm was all she ever knew, she continued to return and fly back when rescuers weren't pursuing her. She's lucky that it was compassionate sanctuary workers that eventually caught her, rather than a predator that would take advantage of her slow, vulnerable domestic qualities. Being the very last of over one hundred geese, she's no longer starving and competing to survive. She is a safe, well-fed, and unique member of the sanctuary.

Together, Sunny and Rainn are our two shy girls of the flock! They quickly bonded and became partners after spending lots of time together, and also enjoy spending time with the other same-sex couple. Companionship is so important for geese, and they rely on these relationships to feel comfortable and fulfilled.


Tilburt arrived with his late sister Rosepetal as very young ducklings. They were some of our first residents of the sanctuary. Tilburt is a young adult Muscovy duck with an amazing personality. He is always cracking us up with his joie de vivre, excitedly wagging his tail and chuckling in Muscovy fashion as bargain for a leafy snack. Being so large, Tilburt is the king of the coop and often reminds his goose friends of this.

Tilburt has a very wily personality, which is typical of a Muscovy duck. He is large and domineering, so the best match for him is to live with geese, who he is happy to bond and hang out with. He is so rowdy he can be a bit too much for other residents, particularly the ducks. Despite this, he is great with people. He enjoys having his cheeks rubbed! He also likes bobbing for wild raspberries, cucumbers, and other yummy things he might get in his water bowl. 

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