Meet the Pigs


Honeybee is a happy-go-lucky, social, and special girl! She is a young potbelly pig that used to be very shy and unable to defend herself from the 80 pigs that she was hoarded with on a farm. Because her family had been breeding with each other for a while, little Honeybee ended up with some quirks that make her extra unique. For example, her eyes are crossed, so she needs extra patience with finding things like treats in front of her. She also finds new situations very challenging. When she first arrived to the sanctuary, she needed some relaxing medication because she was so scared she wouldn't stop shivering for weeks. She didn't know at the time that she was safe and would only experience love for the rest of her life. But she knows now! Honeybee is a social butterfly and loves eating watermelon, getting scratches on her head and back, and spending time with her sister Ladybug!


Ladybug is a young mixed pig and Honeybee's sister! She is mostly potbelly, with a little bit of Kune Kune that gives her an adorably chubby face and cute wattles that hang off of her neck. She has a spot on her nose just like a ladybug! But maybe we should have swapped their names, because Ladybug is the QUEEN BEE. She is the loudest and bossiest pig, and might give you a little nip if you didn't bring her highness any treats. But behind her deep grunts and the impressive mohawk she shows, she is a very friendly girl, and will even flop over for a belly rub if so inclined. Ladybug loves snuggling with her sister Honeybee, finding sprigs of grass to munch on, and rooting around in the dirt. She came from the same hoarding case as her sister, and was the only pig that loved her enough not to bully her there. When gentle Honeybee needed her sister to help her feel safe, Ladybug needed her just as much. We are so happy to provide safety for these pigs where they can stay together forever. 

Big Blue

Big Blue is a very handsome and large potbelly pig who currently weighs around 300 pounds! He has an incredibly sweet and gentle soul, and a long road to physical and emotional recovery. Blue saw the worst of the treatment that the survivors of the hoarding farm experienced, and has lots of emotional and physical scars to prove it. It is possible that humans, dogs, and other pigs attacked him relentlessly. He needs a lot of patience and gentleness to recover, as well as a diet plan to get him to lose some weight. Despite his violent history, he has chosen peace, and is a very sweet and shy boy who just wants to feel safe. Please stay tuned for his recovery journey on our socials and see if we can convince him to give humans a second chance!


Butterbean is Big Blue's right hand man! He is a small Juliana pig with very cute spots on his body. We are still learning about his personality, and so far, he is pretty shy but LOVES to eat. We hope to use this to our advantage in teaching him that humans can be pretty cool sometimes, just like we were able to do with his sisters Honeybee and Ladybug! We love his big pink nose and can see his love for his big brother Blue by the way they stick to each other and cuddle together. Butterbean endured the same treatment as the other pigs, so he has the same emotional recovery to make. These kids have been through a lot, but each pig is so special in their strength, intelligence, and forgiveness. A little love can go a long way!


Sugar is a Kune Kune girl with a complicated backstory. A very kind lady was attending a party where she saw Sugar being used as entertainment for children. The party was "hog wild" themed, with our gentle and kind little Sugar as the main attraction. It turns out that Sugar was bought from an auction for just $1 to be used at the party, and was then set to be butchered afterwards. Seeing the injustice of the situation, the woman pleaded for Sugar's life. It worked! She was only given a couple days to find Sugar a home, but found us just in time. We were able to take her in right away and offer her asylum in our barn. There she was quarantined as we brought her up to date on her vaccines and got her spayed.

Sugar has an amazing personality and will flop over for a belly-rub for anyone that is kind to her. She will soon have a big introduction with the other pigs outside and join their family. Her easygoing, kind-hearted nature will be sure to serve her well! For updates on Sugar's life, follow our social media!

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